“I am so tired of being tired” is something we hear in our office often.


Office often. We all know that king term lack of sleep makes us exhausted. What many people do NOT know though is that they suffer of chronic sleep loss. Many times patients think that they sleep all night long and they are confused about their ever present fatigue.

Sleep apnea is one of the most typical sleep stealers there is.

You go to bed, fall asleep instantly, wake up 8 hours later and you feel groggy, cranky and unmotivated. If you saw a rerun of your night though you may notice that you have had dozens or even hundreds of mini-wakeups through the night. You did not fully wake up but you certainly did not fully sleep.

There are multiple possible cause of obstructive sleep apnea and there are multiple ways to manage it.

Some frequent causes of obstructive sleep apnea are large neck size (due to extra weight or extra muscle bulk in this region), recessed chin, deviated septum, allergies which cause congestion in the nose and throat, a history of mouth breathing, and others.

The most common ways to manage or approach treatment are the use of the CPAP machine, an oral device and surgery.

We will cover each of these treatment modalities in our next blog.

You will also learn some lifestyle techniques that may help improve the quality of your sleep so you can wake up refreshed to a new day!