Common symptoms

Common Symptoms - Snoring


Snoring is the sound that happens when air is trying to pass through narrowed air passages. Everybody knows someone who snores and it affects more than just the snorer.

Common Symptoms - Gasping


When air can’t get to your body, it goes into distress. Your body and brain need oxygen! Gasping for air often follows episodes of loud snoring.  Your bed partner may hear these sounds and may find them quite scary!

Common Symptoms - Fatigue


We’ve all had tired days after going to bed later than usual. People who have sleep apnea   never get a good night sleep. When the body wakes itself up gasping for air multiple times an hour, it’s as if it didn’t sleep at all. What a torture!

Common Symptoms - Easily Irritated

Easily Irritated

It’s not unusual to get a bit grumpy before your morning coffee but  sufferers of sleep apnea are often grumpy throughout the day and they get easily angered or impatient.  

Common Symptoms - Waking up

Waking Up

At the end of a tired, irritated and unproductive day, people who suffer from sleep apnea go to bed to restart the cycle all over again. Unable to breathe they wake up frequently through the night and often go through life like a zombie.